customers needs before they do.


faster to demand changes.


profits by increasing service and reducing inventory.


a sales forecast quickly and accurately.


with machine learning, an operational objective algorithm, and a streamlined user experience.


creates statistical forecasts and selects the optimal method based on a configurable objective algorithm.


implement in days, flexible SaaS subscription


was built by supply chain people for the modern supply chain.

Are you ready to improve your sales forecast?

We help you optimize your sales forecasting with
machine learning, an objective based forecast algorithm, and the cloud.

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  • Place: Cleveland, Ohio USA

• Customize your forecast objective
• Generate a responsive forecasts by leveraging machine learning algorithms
• Designed in quality using 3-way method testing & validation

• We take care of the complexity -no advanced statistical training required
• Easy, simple, efficient data integration with data validation and scrubbing
• Intelligent data correction - eliminate data wrangling

• Actionable insight
• Understand your statistical forecast like never before
• Say goodbye to the blackbox, random number generator and the secret recipe

• No Upfront Capital
• Flexible subscriptions

• Decades of experience optimizing supply chains

• Ever expanding functionality and capability

Need Help Forecasting?

• Do you have demanding customers?
• Is sales forecasting taking too much time?
• Is your forecast accurate at the right level of detail?
• Are you consumed with the volume of sales data?
• Do you have product availability issues?
The Jet Forecasting platform is revolutionary because it learns your sales data and adapts forecasts based on your customized operational objective.

We are not a one size fits all solution to sales forecasting. We have over 20 different forecasting algorithms or methods competing to be the winner.

As a platform, we will continue to invest in leading edge algorithms to keep current and expand our solution. In the future, we will allow subscribers and developers to create the next winning method.

We believe this will give forecasters a platform that is continuously growing and improving. We give you the power to generate intuitive forecasts with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
Jet Forecasting works for B2B And B2C companies
• Fortune 500 companies
• Small-medium companies
• Manufacturers
• Distributors
• Service-based companies
• Chemical companies
• Tech companies
• Consumer product companies

If you sell anything, you need Jet Forecasting.

Our Commitment
• We are committed to your sales forecasting success
• We will provide you with the best forecasting experience
• We will keep your data safe
• We offer flexible subscription plans

• How much is inaccurate forecasting costing you?
• Have you lost sales because you failed to anticipate them correctly?
• How much cash do you have tied up in inventory caused by inaccurate forecast?
• Do you understand how your forecast was generated?

Maximize profits with Jet Forecasting's optimal objective based forecast.